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Our children are constantly in front of screens, neglecting their interactive communication skills. Our vision is that by implementing the IOT technology onto existing toys, we will bring back the physical interactions and communicative experience. By doing so, Toky is leading the revolution of Soul of Things (SOT). Toky is an interactive wearable technology device that gives life to all existing toys. Enable toys to communicate with our kids and with each other by using IOT technology. We make all toys smart, interactive, and much more fun.

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Charging on making your wishes come true
Stav Nurel
Stav Nurel
CEO & Co-Founder

M.A Design Interior Design specialized in children environment, Art director
Tal David
Tal David
CTO & Co-Founder

B.S.c Computer Science,
M.A Design
Over 15 years of experience in development, system architecture and marketing
Avi Kalaora
Avi Kalaora
Product Design & Co-Founder

M.A Design Graduated from the Bezalel Academy Specialized in product design

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