Bring your toys to life!!!

Discover the new and exciting Fantasy world of TOKY



The possibilities are endless. Your children can listen to their favorite stories.

 But not only that!  The TOKY’s interactive stories will change the passive way your children engage the stories and for the first time, they will be an active and integral part of it .   


Sing along with all of your toys!!!  Join the choir and become part of the entertainment.

This option is ideal for newborns to age 80. Research indicates that songs for youngsters boost and arouse social, intellectual and motor advancement; songs that inspire creativity, and melodies that enhance coordination.  


A diverse assortment of interactive games are available on TOKY. 

Children can increase their level of comprehension, flourishing independently with this inventive device. TOKY games augment and boost a child’s self-confidence and foster perceptive and cognitive growth.  

Record your own

This feature allows you to create your own content! As a parent,

 you can provide your child with a selection of stories, songs or tender-expressive messages that you choose using your own voice!

How it works

Remove from encasement

Attach to chosen toy

Download desired content

Let the fun begin!!!

Toky Eco System

Mobile Application

Content control and management app - Through the app, you will get access to the Toky marketplace. Choose your content, download it, and manage it. Take control of the content that your kids consume!

Content Marketplace

One rich place to find a variety of content is in the Toky marketplace,where you will find a variety of stories, songs, games and educational content from all over the world.


Come and be a part of the magic! Create new ideas for Toky! With an open SDK & API, we have created an open platform for all of you creative people! Join the Toky family and enjoy our magic world!.

Content creator platform

A user-friendly application for you to easily transform any idea into Toky content! No longer do you to put up with and long process for publishing your story! With our platform, you can publish globally in a night, and not only an ordinary story, real meaningful interactive stories.

TOKY plays an integral part in the growth and development of children of all ages 

WHAT IF! WE COULD BRING TOYS TO LIFE! Discover Toky's Amazing Features...

Put the soul into your favorite toys

Our children are constantly in front of screens, neglecting their interactive communication skills. Our vision is that by implementing the IOT technology onto existing toys, we will bring back the physical interactions and communicative experience. By doing so, Toky is leading the revolution of Soul of Things (SOT). Toky is an interactive wearable technology device that gives life to all existing toys. Enable toys to communicate with our kids and with each other by using IOT technology. We make all toys smart, interactive, and much more fun.

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